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Showing 1 - 24 of 53 products
Ubiquiti Lite AP (LAP-120)
Ubiquiti Ubiquiti Lite AP (LAP-120)
Sale price₱5,800.00
Ubiquiti Camera G4 Dome - Benson ComputersUbiquiti Camera G4 Dome - Benson Computers
Ubiquiti Ubiquiti Camera G4 Dome
Sale price₱16,500.00
Ubiquiti POE-24-7W
Sale price₱800.00
Ubiquiti UFiber UF-LOCO
Ubiquiti Ubiquiti UFiber UF-LOCO
Sale price₱3,700.00
Ubiquiti UniFi Video UVC-G3-FLEX
Ubiquiti UniFi ULED-ATUbiquiti UniFi ULED-AT
Ubiquiti Ubiquiti UniFi ULED-AT
Sale price₱10,200.00
Ubiquiti Networks AFI-P-HD AmpliFi HD (High Density)Ubiquiti Networks AFI-P-HD AmpliFi HD (High Density)
Ubiquiti UniFi UAP-nanoHD - Benson ComputersUbiquiti UniFi UAP-nanoHD - Benson Computers
Ubiquiti Ubiquiti UniFi UAP-nanoHD
Sale price₱13,100.00
R5AC-LITE Ubiquiti airMax ac BaseStation - Benson Computers
Ubiquiti LiteBeam M5 GHz, 23 dBi - Benson ComputersUbiquiti LiteBeam M5 GHz, 23 dBi - Benson Computers
Ubiquiti AmpliFi-HD Mesh Wi-Fi System - Benson ComputersUbiquiti AmpliFi-HD Mesh Wi-Fi System - Benson Computers
Ubiquiti UBNT-ES-8XP
Ubiquiti Ubiquiti UBNT-ES-8XP
Sale price₱0.00
EdgeSwitch ES-16XP - Benson Computers
Ubiquiti EdgeSwitch ES-16XP
Sale price₱28,600.00
Ubiquiti EdgeSwitch ES-8XP
Ubiquiti Ubiquiti EdgeSwitch ES-8XP
Sale price₱13,000.00
Ubiquiti EdgeSwitch ES-5XP
Ubiquiti Ubiquiti EdgeSwitch ES-5XP
Sale price₱6,700.00
airMAX Omni AMO-3G12 - Benson Computers
Ubiquiti airMAX Omni AMO-3G12
Sale price₱11,300.00
airMax AM-3G18-120 - Benson Computers
Ubiquiti airMax AM-3G18-120
Sale price₱14,100.00
Ubiquiti Rocket Dish RD-3G26
Ubiquiti Ubiquiti Rocket Dish RD-3G26
Sale price₱17,600.00
Ubiquiti airFiber Antenna AF-3G26-S45
Ubiquiti EdgeSwitch ES-10XUbiquiti EdgeSwitch ES-10X
Ubiquiti Ubiquiti EdgeSwitch ES-10X
Sale price₱8,400.00
Ubiquiti EdgeSwitch ES-16-XG - Benson ComputersUbiquiti EdgeSwitch ES-16-XG - Benson Computers
Ubiquiti Ubiquiti EdgeSwitch ES-16-XG
Sale price₱39,600.00
Ubiquiti EdgeRouter ER-X
Ubiquiti Ubiquiti EdgeRouter ER-X
Sale price₱3,600.00
Ubiquiti EdgeRouter ER-6P - Benson  Computers
Ubiquiti Ubiquiti EdgeRouter ER-6P
Sale price₱19,800.00

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