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COVID19 Advisory: Limited stocks are available. Please message us before placing your order.
COVID19 Advisory: Limited stocks are available. Please message us before placing your order.

UAP-PRO - Ubiquiti UniFi PRO PoE Dual Band Access Point 2.4/5 GHz

Product Includes:

• Wall and Ceiling Mount Adapter Kit 
• 48V Power Over Ethernet Adapter
• UniFi Controller Software Installation CD

Wireless Uplinks:

• Supports wireless uplink, each wired AP can have up to 4 downlinks
• Allows runtime change of network topology
• Allows wireless adoption of 2.0.0 APs in default state

Rate Limiting:

Ability to limit the upload / download speed per WLAN. Ability to override it per user.
Allow different rate-limiting for different hotspot packages (in official release)

L3 Management:

• Allows the controller to run in a different subnet
• Allows no-touch AP provisioning by using DHCP Option 43 or DNS
• Provides UniFi Discovery utility to make local AP to inform back to the controller in NOC or Cloud

HotSpot Billing and Customization.

• Built-in support for billing integration (Paypal) accepting major credit cards and paypal
• Built-in support for voucher-base authentication
• Built-in hotspot manager for voucher creation, guest management, payment refund
• Allows full customization of portal pages

Other Enhancements/Bug fixes:

• Proper TX Power control allowing customized TX-power setting. We'll always show EIRP 
• Allow setting of WPA1-Only / WPA2-Only, TKIP / CCMP(AES)
• Google Map integration (you can use Google Map in the Map view)
• Email notification for alerts
• Bonjour support: in additional to UPnP, UniFi controller will announce its presence (so you don't have to remember the IP of the controller)
• Shows "Managed by Other" for APs that were managed by old controller. An "advanced adoption" option is added to allow take-over.
• Controller will check for port availability and display error messages during start up
• WPA passphrase now accepting all printable characters (including space at begin / end)