SilverStone SST-GD01B-MXR Grandia Desktop - Black

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Model No. SST-GD01B-R (black + card reader), SST-GD01B-R-USB3.0 (black + card reader)
SST-GD01S-R (silver + card reader)
SST-GD01B-MXR (black, multimedia, card reader) , SST-GD01B-MXR-USB3.0 (black, multimedia, card reader)
SST-GD01S-MXR (silver, multimedia, card reader)
Material Aluminum front panel, 0.8 mm SECC body
Motherboard Standard ATX, Micro-ATX
Multimedia Multimedia software, remote with on/off function, Multilanguage LCD/IR(GD01MX only), Windows 7
Drive bay External 5.25" x 2
3.5" x 1 (occupied by card reader)
Internal 3.5" x 6 (vibration dampening)
Cooling system Front 2 x 92mm or 80mm fan slots
Rear 2 x 80mm exhaust fan, 2050rpm, 21dBA
Side 1 x 80mm fan slot & PSU vents
Top --
Bottom --
Internal --
Expansion slot 7
Front I/O port USB 2.0 x 2 (SST-GD01B-R, SST-GD01S-R, SST-GD01B-MXR, SST-GD01S-MXR only) 
USB 3.0 x 2 (SST-GD01B-R-USB3.0, SST-GD01B-MXR-USB3.0 only) 
IEEE1394 x 1 
Audio x 1 
MIC x 1
52-in-1 card reader
Power supply Optional standard PS2(ATX)
Expansion card Expansion card Support graphic cards up to 9.8 inches, width restriction-5.51"
Limitation of CPU cooler 135mm
Limitation of PSU Unlimited
Net weight 7.8kg (GD01)
8.9kg (GD01-MXR)
Dimension 430 mm (W) x 170 mm (H) x 430 mm (D), 31.4 liters
16.93" (W) x 6.69" (H) x 16.93" (D), 31.4 liters

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