Razer Panthera Arcade Stick - Fully Mod-Capable Fight Stick - Internal Storage Compartments -PS4

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Built on years upon years of collective arcade and console gaming experience from pro gamers and the Razer community alike, the Razer Panthera arcade stick was engineered and refined to perfection through countless prototypes via an extensive beta testing phase and has been crafted to allow the same advanced modification that gamers and modders have come to love over the years. On top of having internals and storage easily accessible at the touch of a button, you can also fully change the joystick and all 10 buttons for complete customizability.


At its core, the Razer Panthera Playstation 4 controller is a tournament-grade fighting machine built to enhance your gaming prowess. By using premium quality Sanwa components—10 highly responsive buttons and a precision 8-way joystick, you can reliably strike instantly and surely, game after game, while maintaining peak performance.


The Razer Panthera Playstation 4 controller was built for modding enthusiasts, so the inside of the platform is easily accessible for further customization. The joystick and buttons can be switched to suit your playstyle, while the entire bottom of the internal compartment is made to be easy to screw mount in every location.


At the touch of a button, the internal compartment of the Razer Panthera Playstation 4 controller opens up to reveal dedicated slots for you to store the included detachable screw-lock cable, a bat top joystick, and screwdriver. There is also ample space for two extra buttons, ensuring that you have all the room you need when you take this weapon on the go.

"I love so much Razer Panthera's awesome design and perfect layout. And I can play on PS3, PS4, PC without any converter. I really waited very long time for this stick. Razer Panthera is best stick in my life." 

Street Fighter V,
Four-time EVO Champion

"The Razer Panthera feels really smooth when its rests on my lap. The weight and size makes it really comfortable for focusing on execution and my game plan." 

Street Fighter V,
2013 EVO Champion



Tech Specs

  • 10 tournament-grade Sanwa buttons
  • Authentic Sanwa joystick with ball top and additional bat top
  • Easy one-touch access to internals and storage
  • Fully accessible internals and storage compartments for easy modding
  • Honeycomb structure on the inside for easy screw mounting
  • Storage room for alternative bat top joystick and more
  • 9.8 ft / 3 m detachable screw-lock USB cable for secure connection
  • Screwdriver included for modding

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