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COVID19 Advisory: Limited stocks are available. Please message us before placing your order.
COVID19 Advisory: Limited stocks are available. Please message us before placing your order.

Epson EB-G5500 Projector

by Epson

Why the Epson EB-G5500?

Epson EB-G5500 harnesses Epson’s latest 3LCD technology to deliver bright, high quality, graphics-rich multimedia presentations in brilliant colors.

Superb projection quality

3LCD technology ensures faithful colour reproduction resulting in unparalleled color images that are smooth and seamless, and easy on the eyes.

High contrast with unbeatable color quality

With Epson’s proprietary C2Fine™ (Crystal Clear Fine) technology and inorganic LCD panels with Vertical Alignment (VA) technology, experience high contrast and flawless picture quality for all your presentations. The optical phase control technology minimizes polarized light leakage and increase contrast ratio.

Excellent color management

The Epson color management system achieves perfect balance between brightness and color quality, ensuring that natural colors do not vary significantly between color modes.

Six axis color adjustment

Enhance your presentations by controlling the hue, saturation, brightness and sharpness of the picture quality to suit your needs.

Advanced sharpness

You can adjust sharpness as precisely as you like. Formerly only a feature of high-end home cinema projectors, and available now for the first time in Epson business projectors.


This color mode produces images with clear shadows, ideal for projecting X-rays and other medical images.
* This projector is not a medical device and cannot be used for actual medical diagnosis.

Advanced monitoring & control function

Easy MP monitor

With Epson’s Network monitoring and control software, a single PC can see which projectors are available and running efficiently. Configure the whole series remotely, with instant email alerts for pre-defined critical indicators.

Easy installation

Horizontal / Vertical lens shift

Projection can easily be adjusted with both vertical and horizontal lens shift, giving users more flexibility in projector and screen placement.

* When maximum horizontal lens shift is used, available vertical lens shift is reduced.
* When maximum vertical lens shift is used, available horizontal lens shift is reduced.

5 Lens options

The 1.8x zoom of the standard lens allows a broad projection range, and there are optional lenses if a greater range is needed.

Easy maintenance

Change lamps and filters easily without having to uninstall the projector from the ceiling. Bayonet mounts make lens replacement simple as well.

Eco features

  • Equipped with Epson proprietary lamp that is engineered to maximize light usage efficiency
  • Uses about 0.47W of power in standby mode
  • Projector optics employ lead-free lenses
  • Unpainted plastic housing reduces the environmental impact
  • The flame retardants used in the plastic housing do not contain chlorine or bromine


  • ELPAF17 AIR FILTER (1sheet X 1= 1sheet) V13H134A17
  • ELPAP03 Wireless LAN Adapter V12H306P15
  • ELPLS05 Standard Zoom Lens
  • ELPLP62 Spare Lamp