Epson EB-425W Projector

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Why the Epson EB-425W?

Breakthrough 3LCD technology delivers brilliant presentations with a wider range of resolution and brightness. With its short focus lens, these projectors are the ideal choice for great projection quality at amazingly short focal distances.

Resolution WXGA WXGA
Brightness 2,500 lm 3,000 lm
Lamp Life 5,000 hours 4,000 hours
Weight 3.8kg 3.9kg

Deliver Superb-Quality Presentations Even At Close Range

Impressive screen size at close range

The Epson EB-425W/435W use the newly developed ultra-large, high-precision lens, allowing you to project a 60-inch screen from proximity as short as 61cm. Their short focal distance provides more flexible placement options and maximizes the use of space, effectively freeing up much of the surface for other uses – perfect for the classroom and small meeting venues.

Significantly reduced shadow interference

The projectors’ short focus lens allows you to move freely near the screen during presentations, with hardly any shadows cast on the screen. With less distraction and optimal visibility, your audience’s view of your presentation is clear and unobstructed.

Minimized glare

Even when you stand directly in front of the screen, projection light barely reaches your face. With reduced glare, you enjoy comfortable and hassle-free discussion and achieve that vital eye contact with your audience.

Enhance Your Discussions With Powerful Audio

Impressive built-in 16W speaker

The powerful built-in 16W speaker provides great audio quality that enhances your presentations. This projector series makes voices clearly audible even in large venues ideal for recording teaching materials.

Wireless audio transmission

You can connect this projector series wirelessly to your LAN in addition to direct PC connection. Audio feed can be transmitted wirelessly to the projector.

Enrich Your Presentations With Extensive Connectivity

Compatible with devices including PCs, HDMI, LAN cables and microphones, this projector series is able to adapt to any setting. Now you can easily use a variety of discussion sources to enrich your presentations.

Monitor and Control All Your Projectors From a Single PC

With Easy MP Monitor, Epson’s proprietary network monitoring software, you can easily monitor all your projectors and keep them running efficiently, even across the largest networks. Configure remotely and programme email alerts for pre-defined critical indicators such as non-functioning devices or overheating lamps.

Increase Your Presentation Interactivity

Using the optional ELPIU03 Interactive Unit*, adding interactive functions is as simple as attaching the module to the top of this projector. This module also allows interactive control free from shadows and other interference.

* ELPIU03 is an interactive module for Epson’s short-throw projectors.
If the ELPMB27 wall mount is not used, it is necessary to use the ELPPT04 attachment plate.

Methods of installation

There are two ways of installing this projector: wall and ceiling mounting. Both methods ensure fast and easy set-up, giving you more time to prepare for your presentation.

Extended interactive learning area

This projector series works on almost any surface, enabling you to maximize space. Now, you can turn the existing whiteboard and chalkboard or any wall in the room into an interactive learning area, eliminating the need for an interactive whiteboard.

Interactive learning made fun

Add fun to your discussion, with Epson’s interactive pen. Working like a computer mouse, this pen turns any surface into an interactive whiteboard. It allows you to control your computer by simply touching the screen directly, and to manipulate the projection from any distance. Such flexibility offers you freedom to interact with both the projection screen and your audience from practically anywhere in the room.

Better Products for a Better Future

Partners in Perfection


Lightweight, Compact and foldable
Direct USB Connection
4x Zoom
One-touch autofocus
Plug and play


Rotating camera head
10x digitial zoom and manual zoom
Advanced Features with split screen function
Compatible with microscopes
Application Software, File management


  • ELPAF36 Air Filter
  • ELPAP07 Wireless LAN Unit
  • ELPAP08 Quick Wireless Connection USB Key
  • ELPIU03 Interactive Unit (Wall Type)
  • ELPMB27 Short Throw Wall Mount
  • ELPPT04 Attachment Plate
  • ELPLP60 Spare Lamp (EB-420, EB-425W)
  • ELPLP61 Spare Lamp (EB-430, EB-435W)



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