Epson EB-1760W Projector

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Why the Epson EB-1760W?

The EB-1760W is Epson’s most compact projector to date, offering seamless connectivity and harnesses Epson’s latest 3LCD technology to deliver bright, high-quality, graphics-rich multimedia presentations in brilliant colours.

Ultra-portable with slim and sleek design

Are you limiting your presentations to your clients’ on-site facilities? With the new EB-1760W, you no longer have to. This ultimate projector for mobile presentations is so compact, slender and lightweight, that you can simply slip it into your bag and go.

Long lamp life and simple maintenance features keep operating cost low

Enjoy greater cost savings and ease of maintenance with its Epson proprietary lamp. Designed to optimise light output, this highly efficient long-lasting lamp delivers noticeably sharper images to give that added professional touch to your presentations.

Superb picture reproduction in bright lit rooms

Dimming the lights to make your business presentation is a thing of the past. With powerful brightness of 2600 lumens, you can project crystal clear images in broad daylight and still be able to make that all-important eye contact with your audience.

Versatile connectivity options

Optional Wireless Connectivity

Project PC images wirelessly for hassle-free presentations.

USB direct display function

For automatic and convenient presentations, simply connect your computer to the projector via a USB cable. The projector operates on both Mac and Windows operating systems, giving you the convenience to choose your preferred presentation platform. The following versatile connectivity, configuration and security options ensure you can connect at a wide variety of venues and settings, and give seamless presentations the way you want them, every time.

PC-free presentation

You can even view a JPEG slide show file without a PC by simply inserting a USB memory device into the connection on the projector.

Auto vertical keystone correction

EB-1760W offers manual horizontal and vertical keystone, and auto vertical keystone correction. You can now set up a presentation with greater ease and convenience.

Easy shut-down

When your presentation is finished, simply turn off, unplug and pack up the projector. No cool-down is required, so you can be ready to move on to your next meeting in no time.

Security features for added protection

Protect your settings

Lock the control panel buttons so that inquisitive fingers do not accidentally change your fixed settings. The remote control will still be fully operational.

Protect against theft

Secure your projector to a permanent fixture with a wire cable, chain or Kensington lock to prevent theft.

Password protect

With power-on password access, its power can be disabled if your projector is stolen. Without the correct password, your projector cannot be used. The password function shuts down completely after 30 incorrect attempts, so even if the correct password is eventually entered, the projector will not work.

Eco features

  • Equipped with Epson proprietary lamp that is engineered to maximise light usage efficiency
  • Uses between 0.38W-0.44W of power in standby mode
  • Projector optics employ lead-free lenses
  • Unpainted plastic housing reduces the environment impact
  • The flame retardants used in the plastic housing do not contain chlorine or bromine
  • Better products for better future
  • ELPAF31 Air Filter Set
  • ELPLP65 Spare Lamp 
  • ELPAP07 Wireless LAN Unit
  • ELPAP08 Quick Wireless Connection USB Key 

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