Epson EB-1725 Projector

Sale price₱79,900.00


Why the Epson EB-1725?

Highly mobile professional performance tool

Easy and Convenient Wireless Function

Simply insert the included USB key into the projector, then insert it into the PC to complete the wireless connection
Network up to 4 projectors wirelessly with just one remote computer
EasyMP NS Connection for improved transmission speed of data and images

High Performance, Multi-function, Mobile Projector

White Light Output and Colour Light Output; both at 3000 lumens with a high 2000:1 contrast ratio for powerful images
New USB display function includes both images and sound connections
PC free function enables users to present without a PC

Short Throw Distance

Project a 60-inch screen from just 1.33m

Innovative E-TORL Lamp

  • E-TORL: Epson-Twin Optimize Reflection Lamp
  • Epson’s Innovative E-TORL lamp system eliminates light leakage and minimises light defraction, giving you superior resolution and image quality
  • The system combines an ellipsoidal reflector with an aspherical lens and a hemispherical mirror to produce a lamp so small and highly efficient that it is ahead of its time

Security Features

Password protection and a Kensington Lock are also built-in to give peace of mind


  • ELPAP02B Wired LAN Adapter V12H005M0B
  • ELPLP48 LAMP UNIT V13H010L48
  • ELPFP13 Suspension Adapter (450mm) V12H003P13
  • ELPFP14 Suspension Adapter (700mm) V12H003P14
  • ELPAP04 Quick Wireless Connection USB Key V12H005M04



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