Epson EB-W16SK Projector

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Impressive 3D Brightness

The Epson EB-W16SK features 3LCD Projection System that maximises light output, delivering higher brightness than competing projectors. As light is used efficiently, vivid picture quality is achieved even in bright settings.

Excellent Colour Management

The Epson colour management system achieves perfect balance between brightness and colour quality, ensuring that natural colours do not vary significantly between colour modes.

Avoid over-yellow images when the colour mode is changed

Skin colour still appears natural in all colour modes

Full Support for Multiple 3D Formats

Say goodbye to the hassle of 3D format convertors. With full support for formats including top and bottom, side by side and frame packing, all you have to do is to connect your device to the projector via HDMI and select your preferred 3D formats.

3D Ready vs 3D Full Format via HDMI


The Best Fit for Your Screen

In cases where the image extends beyond the frame of the screen or whiteboard, simply push the “Screen Fit” button to automatically adjust the image frame with the edges of the screen. This feature allows you to focus more on your presentation than on adjusting the projection output.

Press on the ‘Screen Fit’ button once for adjustments. Once the focus is adjusted accordingly, press on the ‘Screen Fit’ button again.

One-touch A/V Mute

Conserve your projector lamp life and electrical consumption with the A/V Mute Slide. This ‘screen-saver’ mode lets you switch off audio and visuals on your projector instantly with a slide of your finger.

Ease of Stack Setup

The EB-W16SK comes with dedicated stacking features, including two polarising plates and a USB cable for easy connection of two projectors. With the ‘Quick Stack’ function, images from both projectors are perfectly matched in less than a minute, allowing your audience to enjoy true-to-life 3D projections.

Easy Maintenance

The EB-W16SK is designed with convenient features for fuss free maintenance of stack-mount set-ups.

Lamp Replacement

No dismantling required. Simply unfasten the tilt screw and open the stack mount for easy lamp replacement.

Filter Replacement

Replace filter from the user-friendly slots situated on the side of the projectors. Save the hassle of releasing the stack mount from the ceiling.





Partners in Perfection



Up to 1080p output resolution
12x optical zoom, 10x digital zoom and manual zoom
PC-less annotation
HDMI connectivity
Compact foldable design



Rotating camera head
10x digitial zoom and manual zoom
Advanced Features with split screen function
Compatible with microscopes
Application Software, File management



Lightweight, Compact and foldable
Direct USB Connection
4x Zoom
One-touch autofocus
Plug and play




Supplied Accessories
Power Cable: 1.8m x 2
USB Cable: 30cm (Stack Control)
Remote Control: Compact Type
Battery: Alkaline AA Battery x 2
Stack Mount for Commander & Receiver  
Passive Glasses: ELPGS02A  
Polarising Plate (Pair)  
Password Protect Sticker  
User’s Manual Set: CD-ROM  


Optional Accessories
Spare Lamp: ELPLP67
Air Filter: ELPAF42
3D Glasses (Passive): ELPGS02A (Adult)
(Passive): ELPGS02B (Child)

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